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Classroom Sound-Field Amplification Systems


Use of a sound-field amplification system provides the teacher with a unique opportunity to maximize listening and learning opportunities in the classroom. Sound-field amplification research support benefits for both students and teachers. Among the research findings are:
  • Improved academic achievement, especially for younger students
  • Decreased distractibility and increased on-task behavior
  • Increased attention to verbal instruction and activities and improved understanding
  • Decreased number of requests for repetition
  • Decreased frequency of need for verbal reinforcers to facilitate test performance
  • Decreased test-taking time
  • Improved spelling ability under degraded listening conditions
  • Increased sentence recognition ability
  • Improved listening test scores
  • Increased language growth
  • Improved student voicing when speaking
  • Increased student length of utterance
  • Increased confidence when speaking
  • Increased preference by teachers and students for sound-field amplification in the classroom
  • Improved ease of listening and teaching
  • Reduced vocal strain and fatigue for teachers
  • Increased mobility for teachers
  • Reduced special education referral rate
  • Increase in seating options for students with hearing loss
  • Cost-effective means of enhancing the listening and learning environment.
This page reprinted from "Sound Field FM Amplification" (Crandell, Smaldino & Flexer), 1995, published by Singular Press.

For additional information, see the paper, "Classroom Sound-Field Amplification: An Audiologist's Suggestions." Also see links to manufacturers of classroom amplification systems:

For further information, contact Michele Wilson, Ph.D.

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